Saturday, February 11, 2012 Premium Cookies Javascript on 11 Feb 2012 Premium Cookies Javascript
Javascript (Enter the script twice): 
javascript:var domain = '';var cookies = new Array();cookies['login'] = '&id=3124609&pw=237ef13ed3c0caf79ac56b82208da96ba2c4e981&cks=5e763df86b5f';if (location.href.indexOf(domain) == -1) {var g = confirm('You will be redirected to '+domain+'. You will have to run this script again. Continue?');if (g) {location.href = 'http://'+domain;}} else {alert('This script has been generated with Multi Cookie Generator ( You will be signed in now. Enjoy premium!');for(var i in cookies){void(document.cookie = i+'='+cookies[i]+';domain=.'+domain+';path=/;');}location.href = '';}

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